December is the month to TAKE!



This show is gonna be one you won’t want to miss, and here’s why:

  • This is the last show of 2013.
  • We are taking January off, as is our tradition.
  • We are pulling up new voices at every show, and old regulars are knocking it out of the park.
  • We may have our first swag available for purchase..and WEARING!

Pretty crazy, right?

Now, on to the topic at hand.  What does the word Take mean to you?  The holiday season of Giving is now screaming out of the bag, the stores filled with red and green before the orange and black had even cleared out.  Soon, you won’t be able to escape that fucking Drummer Boy song, the sound of sleigh bells pulling on your ears until you begin to bleed from the nostrils. Pointless pressure to spend will crush our poor fingers as we long for the bleak empty days of January when things will finally Still once more.

This season is also full of seeing people we love most in the world, mistletoe, too much food and booze, nostalgia, and hoped-for moments of reflection on the year behind us.

What will you Take? Nagging from your Great Aunt? Joy in childish things? Third helpings?

Put together 5 minutes of words. Show up at 8:30 to sign up.  Here’s the event link:

Come Take With Us.


You’re gonna choke on our Plenty!



Hello Naked Citizens!

Last week’s show was an utterly amazing display of words from old and new, and took us into sincere, creepy, delightful, and horrifying places.  Berny and I both, after the show, looked at each other and chatted about the type of joy found in a great night, and we left feeling inspired.

November’s show is themed PLENTY, and after the embarrassment of riches in October, can you believe that our greedy little black hearts want more!?  If you’ve learned anything from being around us the past year and change, it’s that we ALWAYS want more of your words.  We want more candy.  We want more thrills and surprises and people taking their 5 minutes and owning the fuck out of them.  We will never be sated.

PLENTY is a good start, but we want more.  Come give it to us on Monday November 4th!!  Sign up sheet goes out at 8:30, and pushing/shoving isn’t recommended. Y’all are some feisty writers.

Love, G



There’s a bite in the air, and my absolute favorite time of the year has begun to kick off….HALLOWEEN SEASON! Some people may call it fall, some autumn, but I don’t start to get excited for the gray spooky chill until I see that Orange and Black display go up in the grocery store.  A bit commercial, perhaps, but I was raised in the suburbs, not on a fucking apple farm.

ANYWAY, our next show’s theme is FEAR, and what a delicious theme it is!   There’s not a better place in town to get the light chills than the Goat Farm Arts Center, with the vibrant laying cheek by jowl with decay, the silhouettes of shattered windows laying against the cobalt of earlier sundowns. I’ve had some people already write me that they’ve got fun pieces lined up, so show up on October 7th at 8:30 to sign up, or closer to 9 to hang out and watch the show!

Halloween candy will, of course, be provided. Wear eye protection. :)



Pride Goeth as Naked City September!



I can’t believe I’m making a post for our September show already!  It seems like just yesterday that we were meeting with the folks from the Goat Farm, sussing out a 2013 schedule and praying that they would keep us.

Now we head into autumn, and I can easily say that one of the things I’m most Proud of is this show and the community of fun and mayhem and words that we are building.  This past show had a guy that had never heard of us (before that afternoon) sign up and wing it for 5 minutes.  He was amazing, and under the line by 2 seconds!!

We also had gorgeous live musical accompaniment throughout the night by George Kotler-Wallace, which really classed up our vagabond showcase.

Pride can be good, it can be hubris…it can inspire or destroy us.  What’s YOUR story?  See you in September at the Goat Farm!


August 5th, come get SEXY with Naked City!



Last month’s anniversary show was so much fun, with old and new faces, some goodbyes to people that have become Naked City citizens, a Wheel of Consequences that was ALL PRIZE BAGS, and even cupcakes!

We’re going to keep things going by returning to a favorite theme in August: SEX!  We want your seduction tips, your embarrassing stories, your fetishes, your fan fics, your first times, your worst times…ALL of it!

Our new lottery system has been quite a thing to get used to, but you all are rolling with it like champs.  And of course, if you don’t make it into the show proper, send us a file of your words or stay for the after-show to record it.

Hit us up on the facebook page if you have any questions!

Love and Blumpkins,




Well, a tremendous amount of stuff has happened since our last update. The June show (shame, in case you didn’t know) went off rather nicely. So nicely that we couldn’t fit all of our Readers into the live show. We recorded them after and their pieces can all be found HERE. You guys are the reason we do this. You are Greatness.

The TITANS OF TALKING supershow went down at The Earl. It was seven layers of Spectacular. If you were not in attendance, go with whatever pops into your head when I string the words “Spoken”, “Word”, “Mega” and “Event” together in a sentence. Throw in some “Drag-Mime”, “Stand Up” and “Movie Trailers” and you might start to get a snapshot in your head of the ludicrousness that was TITANS OF TALKING. We had such a good time (and turnout) that the current discussion is all about doing it again. We’ll keep you posted.

The next show is a big deal. For us, at least. July will mark the One Year Anniversary of Naked City Atlanta. The theme, appropriately enough, is GLORY.

We’ve had such a surge of amazing Readers hook into the show and become regular attendees that we are officially unveiling our “Lottery” system. No longer will it be first come, first served. From now on, when you show up to read, you sign up, your number goes in the bucket and we’ll pull the first eleven out. There. No more politics and fandango. Like so much else in life, it’s all random chance. We’ll still be recording Readers after the show, of course. So, if you don’t get in, you’ll still get uploaded on our SoundCloud account. In fact, now there’s a link to our SoundCloud page over on your left. Its a little bitty icon that says “Click on this!”

Go on. Click it. You know you want to.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to us. Just two more decades and we’ll be eligible to drink. Woo Hoo! Hope to see you there. We’ll have cake. It’ll be cool.


SPECIAL EVENT! The Titans of Talking, this Friday June 14th

Your favorite Naked City hosts, Bernard and Gina, will be hosting an event this Friday at the Earl ( ) at 9:30 pm. This crazy night came about essentially within the space of an afternoon of crazed emailing back and forth. Deisha, goddess of Bang! Arts, had a lead on a space at the Earl, and instead of filling it with music, she decided to fill it with writers and people that are creating the fabric of this Crazy Atlanta lit scene quilt!

So, We will host, and will have an *extremely* limited number of spots for people to sign up and read in. That’s right, YOU could take the stage along with readers from Write Club, Hyde Atl, Scene Missing and The Five Hundred.

Note:  So, the doors open at 9pm. The show starts at 9:30pm. You wanna read at the show, you find me or Gina right at 9pm and tell us so. 6 minute time limit. No theme. Everybody spins the Wheel. We have 5 spots. They’re gonna go quick.    -B

The wheel will be there. Prizes will be there. Candy will be thrown. And there will be two, insane, unprecedented  matches in the Write Club portion of the evening, featuring bouts of the Write Club hosts (Myke Johns and Nick Tecosky) and GINA vs BERNY.

Fuck guys.  We want all of y’all to meet each other, and to get a taste of what each event brings to the city.  There are even More events happening out there, but we can’t fit them all into one night.  This happened so quickly, with such enthusiasm from each show…it’s gonna be a singular fucking night.

See you there. Let’s party.




June’s Theme: SHAME!

May’s show was an absolute Panic blast, and Berny and I were thrilled by the words we got to host.  We had returning faces, including Atlanta’s own Doc Holliday, new ones, and a surplus of two readers! Thank you to all of our readers: Alex Ridgeway, Billy Gewin, Mike Tunno, Cris Gray, Annalise Kaylor, Dan Barton, Jayne O’Connor, Jack Babalon, David Russell, Jeremy Maxwell, and Myke Johns.

While we’re here, that’s an excellent topic to address. What do we do when we exceed the limits of the roster for the evening?  We want to keep the show from becoming too long, so we do have to put a cap on how many people can get up and read.  However, if you arrive with your words after the sign-up sheet has been pulled, we have options for you!  You can stay after the show to record, record it on your own and send it through, or send us the doc and we’ll post it for everyone to enjoy.  Chris Alonzo and Leonard Pallat’s pieces are up ( , and more content is on its way!!

SO. That said, June’s theme is SHAME.  One thing I love about the word is the range that it evokes for me, from a flash of embarrassed heat in a clumsy social situation to telling my mom I wished my kindergarten teacher was my actual mom. I still cringe when I think of how that must have felt to hear.

What does it make *you* think of?  Prepare 5 minutes of content on the subject (anything you want to do…really.), and join us on June 3rd, the FIRST MONDAY of the month at the Goat Farm Arts Center’s WARHORSE LOUNGE.  The list will go out at 8pm. Show up then to sign up, kids. Otherwise, come for a fucking grand time.

Love you more than my luggage,


May’s Theme is PANIC (May day, may day…)


Hello, dear Nudies!! This is Gina, cohost and cohort of Naked City, writing my very first blogsicle post here. HURRAY!

Spring has sprung, and we are all drowning in the yellow froth of tree excitement in Atlanta.  My allergy remedy is lots of local honey in whiskey.  Either it works, or I’m too shit-faced to care.

Last month’s party at the Goat Farm Arts Center was one for the books: a joyous, truthful, rowdy mess that we thoroughly enjoyed (and we hope you did, too).

We’re getting new faces to watch and read, and having a glorious time watching our little Circus take shape as the months go by.

This coming show, on May 6th,  brings us a theme I personally find to be as resonant as a tuning fork rattling my skull: PANIC.  Take that word and whatever it makes you think of and write 5 minutes, or prepare whatever makes sense to you.  If you get a slot, that time is yours to do whatever you like. Seriously.

As always, we want your words, we want your voices, we want to have a word party with you.  Bring your friends, bring your enemies.

Let’s get jittery together!



nakedcity_4by6postcard_040713a (1)





April’s Theme is Truth

In honor of April Fool’s Day, upon which our show actually falls, we thought we’d go the other way and explore the verisimilitudes of the opposite of Falsehood.

Now, just to be clear, we don’t mean Honesty. Leave that nonsense at the door. Some of the deepest Truths I know can be found at the heart of a good lie. Also, Honesty is for Actors. Writers and Poets play in deeper waters.

Note to my fellow actors: Unclench your bowels. Everyone loves you and you’re the prettiest one in the room.

Now then, where was I? Oh yes, Truth.

“The opposite of a fact is falsehood, but the opposite of one profound Truth may very well be another profound Truth” -Niels Bohr

I like to think about truth as possessing two principal categories, Capital T Truths and small t truths. I’m not gonna go into a long elaboration of what I mean. Ferret it out for yourself. I only bring it up to point out that whichever one you choose to write about is entirely up to you. We won’t quibble. We just hang the target. You don’t even have to hit the same wall it’s hung on.

Wait, how did we end up in a knife throwing metaphor? Or did you think I meant darts? I’m confused.

Fuck it. You got what I came here to give you. I’m out.