May’s Theme is PANIC (May day, may day…)

Hello, dear Nudies!! This is Gina, cohost and cohort of Naked City, writing my very first blogsicle post here. HURRAY!

Spring has sprung, and we are all drowning in the yellow froth of tree excitement in Atlanta.  My allergy remedy is lots of local honey in whiskey.  Either it works, or I’m too shit-faced to care.

Last month’s party at the Goat Farm Arts Center was one for the books: a joyous, truthful, rowdy mess that we thoroughly enjoyed (and we hope you did, too).

We’re getting new faces to watch and read, and having a glorious time watching our little Circus take shape as the months go by.

This coming show, on May 6th,  brings us a theme I personally find to be as resonant as a tuning fork rattling my skull: PANIC.  Take that word and whatever it makes you think of and write 5 minutes, or prepare whatever makes sense to you.  If you get a slot, that time is yours to do whatever you like. Seriously.

As always, we want your words, we want your voices, we want to have a word party with you.  Bring your friends, bring your enemies.

Let’s get jittery together!



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