June’s Theme: SHAME!

May’s show was an absolute Panic blast, and Berny and I were thrilled by the words we got to host.  We had returning faces, including Atlanta’s own Doc Holliday, new ones, and a surplus of two readers! Thank you to all of our readers: Alex Ridgeway, Billy Gewin, Mike Tunno, Cris Gray, Annalise Kaylor, Dan Barton, Jayne O’Connor, Jack Babalon, David Russell, Jeremy Maxwell, and Myke Johns.

While we’re here, that’s an excellent topic to address. What do we do when we exceed the limits of the roster for the evening?  We want to keep the show from becoming too long, so we do have to put a cap on how many people can get up and read.  However, if you arrive with your words after the sign-up sheet has been pulled, we have options for you!  You can stay after the show to record, record it on your own and send it through, or send us the doc and we’ll post it for everyone to enjoy.  Chris Alonzo and Leonard Pallat’s pieces are up (http://www.nakedcityatlanta.com/the-pods/) , and more content is on its way!!

SO. That said, June’s theme is SHAME.  One thing I love about the word is the range that it evokes for me, from a flash of embarrassed heat in a clumsy social situation to telling my mom I wished my kindergarten teacher was my actual mom. I still cringe when I think of how that must have felt to hear.

What does it make *you* think of?  Prepare 5 minutes of content on the subject (anything you want to do…really.), and join us on June 3rd, the FIRST MONDAY of the month at the Goat Farm Arts Center’s WARHORSE LOUNGE.  The list will go out at 8pm. Show up then to sign up, kids. Otherwise, come for a fucking grand time.

Love you more than my luggage,