SPECIAL EVENT! The Titans of Talking, this Friday June 14th

Your favorite Naked City hosts, Bernard and Gina, will be hosting an event this Friday at the Earl (http://www.badearl.com/ ) at 9:30 pm. This crazy night came about essentially within the space of an afternoon of crazed emailing back and forth. Deisha, goddess of Bang! Arts, had a lead on a space at the Earl, and instead of filling it with music, she decided to fill it with writers and people that are creating the fabric of this Crazy Atlanta lit scene quilt!

So, We will host, and will have an *extremely* limited number of spots for people to sign up and read in. That’s right, YOU could take the stage along with readers from Write Club, Hyde Atl, Scene Missing and The Five Hundred.

Note:  So, the doors open at 9pm. The show starts at 9:30pm. You wanna read at the show, you find me or Gina right at 9pm and tell us so. 6 minute time limit. No theme. Everybody spins the Wheel. We have 5 spots. They’re gonna go quick.    -B

The wheel will be there. Prizes will be there. Candy will be thrown. And there will be two, insane, unprecedented  matches in the Write Club portion of the evening, featuring bouts of the Write Club hosts (Myke Johns and Nick Tecosky) and GINA vs BERNY.

Fuck guys.  We want all of y’all to meet each other, and to get a taste of what each event brings to the city.  There are even More events happening out there, but we can’t fit them all into one night.  This happened so quickly, with such enthusiasm from each show…it’s gonna be a singular fucking night.

See you there. Let’s party.