August 5th, come get SEXY with Naked City!



Last month’s anniversary show was so much fun, with old and new faces, some goodbyes to people that have become Naked City citizens, a Wheel of Consequences that was ALL PRIZE BAGS, and even cupcakes!

We’re going to keep things going by returning to a favorite theme in August: SEX!  We want your seduction tips, your embarrassing stories, your fetishes, your fan fics, your first times, your worst times…ALL of it!

Our new lottery system has been quite a thing to get used to, but you all are rolling with it like champs.  And of course, if you don’t make it into the show proper, send us a file of your words or stay for the after-show to record it.

Hit us up on the facebook page if you have any questions!

Love and Blumpkins,