Pride Goeth as Naked City September!



I can’t believe I’m making a post for our September show already!  It seems like just yesterday that we were meeting with the folks from the Goat Farm, sussing out a 2013 schedule and praying that they would keep us.

Now we head into autumn, and I can easily say that one of the things I’m most Proud of is this show and the community of fun and mayhem and words that we are building.  This past show had a guy that had never heard of us (before that afternoon) sign up and wing it for 5 minutes.  He was amazing, and under the line by 2 seconds!!

We also had gorgeous live musical accompaniment throughout the night by George Kotler-Wallace, which really classed up our vagabond showcase.

Pride can be good, it can be hubris…it can inspire or destroy us.  What’s YOUR story?  See you in September at the Goat Farm!