There’s a bite in the air, and my absolute favorite time of the year has begun to kick off….HALLOWEEN SEASON! Some people may call it fall, some autumn, but I don’t start to get excited for the gray spooky chill until I see that Orange and Black display go up in the grocery store.  A bit commercial, perhaps, but I was raised in the suburbs, not on a fucking apple farm.

ANYWAY, our next show’s theme is FEAR, and what a delicious theme it is!   There’s not a better place in town to get the light chills than the Goat Farm Arts Center, with the vibrant laying cheek by jowl with decay, the silhouettes of shattered windows laying against the cobalt of earlier sundowns. I’ve had some people already write me that they’ve got fun pieces lined up, so show up on October 7th at 8:30 to sign up, or closer to 9 to hang out and watch the show!

Halloween candy will, of course, be provided. Wear eye protection. :)