You’re gonna choke on our Plenty!



Hello Naked Citizens!

Last week’s show was an utterly amazing display of words from old and new, and took us into sincere, creepy, delightful, and horrifying places.  Berny and I both, after the show, looked at each other and chatted about the type of joy found in a great night, and we left feeling inspired.

November’s show is themed PLENTY, and after the embarrassment of riches in October, can you believe that our greedy little black hearts want more!?  If you’ve learned anything from being around us the past year and change, it’s that we ALWAYS want more of your words.  We want more candy.  We want more thrills and surprises and people taking their 5 minutes and owning the fuck out of them.  We will never be sated.

PLENTY is a good start, but we want more.  Come give it to us on Monday November 4th!!  Sign up sheet goes out at 8:30, and pushing/shoving isn’t recommended. Y’all are some feisty writers.

Love, G