Well, a tremendous amount of stuff has happened since our last update. The June show (shame, in case you didn’t know) went off rather nicely. So nicely that we couldn’t fit all of our Readers into the live show. We recorded them after and their pieces can all be found HERE. You guys are the reason we do this. You are Greatness.

The TITANS OF TALKING supershow went down at The Earl. It was seven layers of Spectacular. If you were not in attendance, go with whatever pops into your head when I string the words “Spoken”, “Word”, “Mega” and “Event” together in a sentence. Throw in some “Drag-Mime”, “Stand Up” and “Movie Trailers” and you might start to get a snapshot in your head of the ludicrousness that was TITANS OF TALKING. We had such a good time (and turnout) that the current discussion is all about doing it again. We’ll keep you posted.

The next show is a big deal. For us, at least. July will mark the One Year Anniversary of Naked City Atlanta. The theme, appropriately enough, is GLORY.

We’ve had such a surge of amazing Readers hook into the show and become regular attendees that we are officially unveiling our “Lottery” system. No longer will it be first come, first served. From now on, when you show up to read, you sign up, your number goes in the bucket and we’ll pull the first eleven out. There. No more politics and fandango. Like so much else in life, it’s all random chance. We’ll still be recording Readers after the show, of course. So, if you don’t get in, you’ll still get uploaded on our SoundCloud account. In fact, now there’s a link to our SoundCloud page over on your left. Its a little bitty icon that says “Click on this!”

Go on. Click it. You know you want to.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to us. Just two more decades and we’ll be eligible to drink. Woo Hoo! Hope to see you there. We’ll have cake. It’ll be cool.


Just Because We Like This…

Here’s a little piece written by Write Club alumni and Naked City regular, Rob Mosca.

It’s a chilling tale of hopeless desperation against insurmountable odds! It’s a pulse-pounding thrill-ride in a race against Death! It’s the timeless saga of one man’s love for his valiant steed. It’s also completely true… or so Rob insists.

Yours truly narrated and Grayson put the shine on it.¬†We’re sharing it because we think it’s Goddamn Awesome!