Just Because We Like This…

Here’s a little piece written by Write Club alumni and Naked City regular, Rob Mosca.

It’s a chilling tale of hopeless desperation against insurmountable odds! It’s a pulse-pounding thrill-ride in a race against Death! It’s the timeless saga of one man’s love for his valiant steed. It’s also completely true… or so Rob insists.

Yours truly narrated and Grayson put the shine on it. We’re sharing it because we think it’s Goddamn Awesome!


In with a Bang, Out with a… Bang!

March 2013So, Monday’s show went swimmingly, I think. Thanks, Annalise Kaylor, for the photo of us being awesome.

We had eleven readers, some strong pieces, a lot of new faces in the audience and I got to pay one of our readers 5 bucks to slap themselves in the face repeatedly in front of God and everybody. I wish I had a photo of that!

I’m beginning to think I’m not a very nice person.

Why do we call them readers? Not all of them read anything when they’re up on the mic. We get at least a couple of extemporaneous storytellers every month. I am always encouraging prospective… ‘people who want to get up on the mic’ to get creative. (we gotta come up with a better term)

Naked City is a laboratory. Experiment. Play. Reach beyond your boundaries and bring the weird. Sing a song. Recite Epic Poetry. Do an interpretive Lap Dance while reciting the Bhagavad Gita backwards. You get Five minutes. It’s all you .Step outside the proverbial box and then poop on it.

Not literally. Please don’t poop on our stage.

Perhaps we should call them something else? Performers? Boring. Speakers? Even more boring. How about Enlighteners? Soothsayers? Contestants? Faces? Most Honorable And Revered Dispensers of Truth!!?

Whatever. I’ll take any suggestions you got. Until then they’re still Readers.

Anyway, Nathan Spicer brought a piece but he didn’t get in the show. A lesson in the virtue of Timeliness, I suppose. It is a sweet little fable that I wish I’d gotten to hear. Take a gander.



It’s weird and seems complicated, this prompt. For the record, it came out of the old March adage, “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” Gina and I were discussing the theme and it was either that or something about weird Hares.

But really, it’s a reference to T.S. Eliot‘s poem ‘The Hollow Men‘ which I shall refer to without permission (y’know, cuz he’s dead).

Its a nice flyer. Awesome really. It was done by our beautiful and talented friend April, who makes such things for the monies and also is the art director for a business that sells sex furniture.

Yes. I just pimped sex furniture. She made our flyer and has worked on our posters out of the goodness of her heart. It’s the least I could do.

It occurs to me that I find it odd that there are people who need special furniture to have sex, but then I realize that there are also people who are having so much sex that special furniture upon which to have said sex seems like a reasonable proposition. I am disturbed by how jealous that makes me.

Also, we are doing another show. It’s Monday, March 4th. Did I mention that we have moved to Mondays? Well, we have. Deal with it. We are no longer a Wednesday kind of show. We are now officially a Monday kind of thing. I think that’s fine. It gives me something to look forward to on a Monday. I hope you feel the same.

Oh, and as an added bonus, we’ve changed our minimum ticket price to $5.

Talk about burying the lead.


We’re Back!

Ah, February. Valentine’s Day. The month of Love!
The final leg of Winter’s dark journey towards the bright, green days of Spring.

In honor of this, the tenderest of months, we entreat you to join us as we celebrate and explore that concept which most readily leaps to mind when contemplating affairs of the heart:



Join us at The Goat Farm Monday, February 4th for an evening of aggression, pain and  adrenaline!

The Show starts at 9pm.

Be there or else I’ll hit you.

Exciting News!!!

Attention Citizens, we shall be moving to The Goat Farm Arts Center for our December show. We shall be playing in their coffee house space, The Warhorse.

I love that name. The Warhorse.

It sounds like the sort of place that old spies hang out in to reminisce about The Cold War and all the friends and lovers they have lost.
A place to drown ones bitter remembrances in and lament the death of one’s own humanity.

Ah, regret. You are such a sweet, sweet bitch.

You’ll find us here:

The Warhorse@The Goat Farm Arts Center
1200 Foster Street Northwest
Atlanta,GA 30318

Welcome, Citizens!

This is our new website. Obviously it is under construction.

We have lots of exciting things planned. These include:

  • Podcasts of our shows
  • Photos of our shows
  • Writing prompts and submitted pieces
  • Contests!
  • Prizes!! PRIZES!!!!!!!!
  • A Forum for discussions, trolling and flame wars. FLAME WARS!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Official Wheel Of Consequences Information Center
  • Random Nonsense!
  • Exclamation Points!!!!!!
  • …and much, much, yadda, yadda, yadda, etc.