The Who

Bernard Setaro Clark is an actor, writer and general ne’er-do-well. He lives on the edge of Atlanta with a girlfriend, a teenager, a kid, 2 dogs and 2 cats. His life is full of din and roar. He reads books out loud in a closet to pay his bills with the monies.

Gina Rickicki is an Actor, Writer and Improvisor with a long standing relationship with The Crazy. She works at Dad’s Garage Theater Company. She never wears the same wig twice and frequently makes her own clothes… sometimes from fabric.

They are your hosts.

Grayson Bergmann is a professional audio engineer with ListenUp Audiobooks. He likes whiskey, knives and curvy brunettes. He can frequently be spotted loitering in a sundry assortment of dive bars, wine halls and hop joints about town. He’ll be the well dressed Johnson in the Bowler and sharp suit. Allons-y!!!

He makes the noise happen.

Hayley Brotherton is a professional freelance Stage Manager, and has been a part of the Atlanta theatre scene for the past 11 years. Her love of her family and friends is just a little bit bigger than her love for all things Queen/Freddie Mercury, which is barely bigger than her love of all things “Doctor Who”. She also loves whiskey.

She is the Girl Friday and saves the aforementioned from drowning in their distracted clutter.